Duty Counsel:

We would advise you to speak to Duty Counsel if you are denied Legal Aid and if you can not afford to pay for your own lawyer.

Report to your probation officer (Jon Jordan) as directed. 

The next probation date in Lytton is
May 18th. 

B.C. First Nations Court

B.C. First Nations Court Focuses on community and healing. It gives everyone involved a chance to be heard. The main goal of First Nations Court is to strengthen and heal you and your community.

First Nations Court Locations In B.C.?

  • North Vancouver
  • Duncan
  • Kamloops
  • Merritt
  • New Westminster

Looking to transfer your case to First Nations Court?

These Courts handle:

  • bail hearings
  • sentencing hearings

Conditions for possibly transferring your case to First Nations Court:

  • If you self-identify as Indigenous
  • you're pleading guilty to a criminal case

Courtroom Etiquette: What to do in Court (Tips and Information)

Brydges Line| legal Aid BC

Brydges Line is a province-wide toll-free telephone service available

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can call to speak to a lawyer if you're:

  • arrested;
  • detained; and
  • under active investigation by the police or another law enforcement agency for a criminal offence and in custody, but you are not yet charged, and you need emergency legal services.

Brydges Line services are available at:

1-866-458-5500 (call no charge)

Advice Counsel (lawyer)| Legal Aid BC

If you know someone in custody at a police lock-up who is awaiting a bail hearing, they can get legal advice over the phone during the evenings and on weekends and holidays.

Advice counsel services are available by calling:


(no charge from anywhere in BC)


Mon to Fri — 6 pm to 10 pm

Weekends and statutory holidays

- 8 am to 10 pm

Lawyers do not conduct teleconference bail hearings.

Police should fax the proposed "conditions of release" to the lawyer at 1-866-639-5733